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Video Otoscopy and Endoscopy System


With a video otoscopy and endoscopy system, we can see diseases and abnormalities in pets' ears with ease, and we can display them on a video screen so that you can see what we're looking at. This makes it much easier for us to explain what we need to do to solve most ear problems in our patients. This system also has rigid endoscopes (like high-tech telescopes) that we can use to examine nasal passages or the urethra and urinary bladder of a female dog.  This tool allows us to diagnose diseases of these structures more easily than in the past. We can even record video and still photos onto a CD for pet owners to take home and view on their computers.  For example, if a pet comes in for irrigation of one or both ear canals, we can record video images so that the pet owner can understand exactly what was done. We are very pleased to be able to offer this service for our patients because it allows us to take even better care of them and to solve their problems more efficiently.


Below are two images from the inside of a cat's ear so that you can see what we see!

Deep Ear Canal of a Cat

The first image is from deep in the ear canal of a cat. There is a large mass of wax, dead epithelial cells, and debris protruding through the eardrum from the middle ear cavity into the ear canal. 

Ear Canal After Removing Material and Irrigating Ear

This image is from the same patient after the material was completely removed and the ear irrigated.  The elliptical opening in the center of the photo is the tear in the eardrum from which the waxy mass was protruding.  The blue-white area in the background is the bone of the middle ear cavity behind the eardrum.  The object that looks like a "tube" in the center of the photo is the catheter that we used to irrigate the ear and to instill medication into the middle ear.  We can see exactly where the catheter is at all times through our video scope.