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Digital Radiography


At Poland Veterinary Centre, we are equipped with a digital radiography (DR) system. This is a new technology that produces better images than traditional film radiographs. Our DR system produces images that contain more information than is visible to the naked eye at any view, allowing for optimum diagnostic information.

There are many benefits to using digital equipment:

  • Images appear on a screen in our radiology room within 3 seconds of exposure. After an x-ray is taken, the image can be enhanced and contrasted to create the clearest image possible. This helps to reduce your pet's exposure to radiation because fewer images are needed overall.
  • Our doctors have access to your pet's radiographs almost instantly. Images are sent from the radiology room to a computer screen in our treatment room, allowing the doctors to determine if additional x-rays are necessary. This saves critical time in an emergency situation.
  • Digital radiographs can be viewed on the monitors in each exam room. The doctors can review your pet's images with you and also can burn them onto a CD for you to view at home.
  • When necessary, images can be sent directly to a specialist via e-mail. This can assist our doctors in reaching a diagnosis and can save you from having to travel to another office for a separate appointment.


This radiograph shows a tumor in the kidney of a 10-year-old cat. Our doctors were able to compare this view to an abdominal ultrasound in order to make an accurate diagnosis. Please click here to view this cat's ultrasound image.

Renal Tumor X-ray