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Behavior and Training


At Poland Veterinary Centre, our veterinarians highly recommend DogSmartz Unleashed for all canine training purposes.

We also recommend Dr. Feltes at The Behavior Clinic, a veterinary behaviorist, in certain situations.

If you are concerned about your pet's behavior, please contact our office.


Canine Behavior

Dr. Sophia Yin: Animal Behaviorist
Please note: Dr. Sophia Yin is not associated with Poland Veterinary Centre, but her many years of experience as a veterinary behaviorist are referred to by our doctors regularly.

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How Kids SHOULD Interact With Dogs

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Feline Behavior

Your Cat's Environmental Needs

Feline House-Soiling

Teaching Kids about Cats

Cat Carrier Training Video 1

Cat Carrier Training Video 2

Ohio State University Indoor Cat Initiative

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