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At Poland Veterinary Centre, we are proud to offer the service of our online pharmacy!

This store will provide exceptional and convenient care to our clients and their pets, while also offering competitive pricing and savings. A variety of products can be purchased through this store, including prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, and diets! Free shipping is available for most purchases over $49 or when you sign up for Auto Ship. Many products also feature instant rebates. We encourage you to browse our selection of products!


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How to Start Using Our Online Store

Step 1: You may enter the online store from the banner above or directly at polandvet.vetsfirstchoice.com.

Step 2: Register. If this is your first time to the online store, click on "Create an Account" and provide your name, your veterinarian, and your chosen password. You may then enter your pet's information.

Step 3: Choose a product and place your order. If your veterinarian has recommended and pre-approved a specific product, click on "Veterinarian Recommendation" on the home page or under the account tab. You may also search for products by typing the name of the medication in the Search Window. Then click "Add to Cart". Use the drop-down menus to customize the product concentration (dosage) and quantity. Click "Add to Cart".

Step 4: Assign a pet to each ordered item by clicking "Select pet".

Step 5: Choose your shipping option. We offer different levels of shipping to ensure your product arrives when you need it.

Step 6: Proceed to check out!

After you have placed your order, a request will be sent directly to our office for the veterinarian to approve. You will then be sent an email stating that your request was approved or declined.

If you have any questions regarding orders, please call Vets First Choice Customer Service at (888) 606-3336