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Cardiology Services

At Poland Veterinary Centre, we offer the services of a traveling cardiologist, Kristin N. Boddy DVM, MS DACVIM (Cardiology). Dr. Boddy is a board-certified veterinary cardiology specialist and owner of Heart to Heart Veterinary Cardiology Consultants. Dr. Boddy travels throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania to local veterinary clinics performing routine cardiology testing including ECG and echocardiogram. Dr. Boddy also sees clinically ill and critical patients at several specialty hospitals, including Akron Referral Veterinary Hospital. 

If your pet has been recently diagnosed with a heart condition, such as a heart murmur, a cardiology consultation may be recommended by your pet's veterinarian to evaluate the cause of the murmur and to determine if any treatment is necessary. This consultation includes physical exam, chest radiographs (x-rays), electrocardiogram (ECG) and echocardiogram. Dr. Boddy will evaluate your pet and the test results and provide you and your pet's regular veterinarian with a treatment plan. Consultations with Dr. Boddy are scheduled several weeks to months in advance.

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